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The first news I - one dollar to buy the iPhone 6 is no longer a dream

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The first news
one dollar flash sales -- a new digital shopping swing
Source: the first news 

     Today, the country has more than 500 million people choose online shopping, the national express convenient site, each branch corner all over global, netizens sitting at home, move your fingers, all demand is in our hands.But, we're stretching his legs, his mouth pipette is watched TV expect a fresh products, are also anxious for transplanting to see goods.XinXianQi in the past, the joy of online shopping is also consumed in the long wait, what about shopping fun?

     How to make network consumers taste to buy quickly, and flash the joy of harvest?Aurora flash sales from the beginning has been thinking about this problem, and so was born the "aurora" this noun, intended to let all of the user's experience as the speed of light fast.

     After a long period of market research and research online comments, aurora there flash sales found that although the logistics industry as "the air motion" the next day the arrival of the leading level of the speed of delivery, but the majority of Internet users from placing a order for shopping to the products sent to the hands of the receiving on average 4 to 6 working days.In today's rapid development of e-commerce major e-commerce platform for the customer's environment, the delivery speed is the key problems affecting the customer shopping experience, it is often ignored by the major e-commerce platform, the platform is mostly focus on the pre-sale guidance and increase such shopping conversion process, and didn't attach importance to the blue ocean field of shipment delivery speed, as is the delivery service.

     As the saying goes, man without thought, will this link in order not to make the delivery speed of electric business platform is the cornerstone of long-term operation, in order to improve the user experience better also increase the customer buys the probability of secondary aurora flash sales before many network shopping platform to start, first put forward at the speed of light distribution services for brand highlight goals, relying on its strong business background, with amazon jingdong Shared proprietary business platform, to create a new digital flash sales platform.Aurora flash sales launch "light" three point one line flash sales experience - the speed of light, the speed of light, speed of delivery, delivery background with aurora specialist service station 18 hours online of the speed of light, the speed of light, experience the first platform to create digital industry.

  Three point one line experience:

     After one dollar flash sales in the introductions of each long to launch the "aurora" flash sales service platform, total station all digital goods, all is one dollar to participate in the purchase, the aurora flash sales carefully selected high quality brand service, guarantee the full 100% authentic, each product flash sales process open and transparent, win situation, the event log open all the way, to reassure consumers to participate in, and high school award.
one dollar flash sales relying on platform 24-hour customer service (6-24:00), to ensure the free shipping.Signed delivery companies covering outlets, with the fastest first mover advantage before send goods to the customer, ensure the arrow no dollar flash sales customer service will provide all the help and communication, we see this as the speed of light, strong barriers of shipment and delivery.

     The speed of light, a dollar flash sales to launch site send top-up fees mode, choose website prepaid phone give a percentage fee can be obtained, and the first 0 threshold increases, without any binding customer information, web site shopping can enjoy one-stop service, at the same time give the more top-up fees more substantial, the maximum meet the demand of products is favorable.
Adhered to the "time" gold "business philosophy, one dollar flash sales to provide" the speed of light "three point one line experience, to provide customers with better and faster more comprehensive digital products one-stop service, full one dollar to participate in the purchase, the one dollar flash sales fair and transparent mode of operation is bound to bring about a new round of digital wave of online shopping.

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