Sale Public Welfare

1. One dollar Shopping Fund is a charity fund established by the founder of One dollar Flash Sale which mainly aims at public service and hopes that people in need can get help from. All for one, one for all 

2. We will raise 0.01 for One dollar Shopping Fund for your each shopping, so any shopper who shares your shopping in our mall to your friends is making contributions to the public service. 

3. One dollar Shopping Fund will be used in the following ways

    1).Our staff will involve in activities to visit and help the people around in need with the fund and necessities. Each activity and the fund expense details will be released after the activity.  

    2).We will make donations to Tencent Charity, One Foundation and other groups with the fund.

4.Besides, we will organize our staff to donate to the public service groups or organizations at times.  

In addition, we want to invite some volunteers occasionally to witness or even join us in the meaningful activities to do something beneficial to our society. The activities will be noticed in advance, if you are into it, you can be a part of us or organize by yourself and start off with us together. A gift will be presented to you by our 97 Flash Sale in gratitude for your participating.