Service Agreement

Welcome you to visit and be a member of interactive One dollar Flash Sale. As a new Internet company, we will offer you various interesting services. For more pleasance you can get from and the better of One dollar Flash Sale in the future, you also have to follow the restrictions come along with the services you enjoy. Please read service agreement carefully before signing in and consult us if you have questions, for it would take effects once you click I am in agreement to the following terms and submit registration information' when you register. Later, you will soon finish the registration by the website guide. 

One dollar Flash Sale may modify or remain the right to modify the terms of service agreement irregularly. We will notice you on outstanding positions of important website pages or community the first time the agreement modifies. If you accept our modification, we will continue serving for you. We will regard your continuing enjoying our services as an agreement to our modification. But your service will be stopped if you don't agree with the modification. We have the right to modify or stop services without informing you. And we are not responsible for you and the third party.

● User's register.

     1、Registration is a process the users have to fill out and accept the agreement before signing in One dollar Flash Sale.

     2、The users must be the individuals or other legal organizations with full capacity to perform civil action. A person without or with limited capacity for civil conduct or an organization without business or with particular business qualification can't get our registration or deal with us out of civil rights and civil conduct, or the agreement will be invalid.

● User's account and password safety.

     You are our legal user and take full responsibilities for the safety of your username and password and all your activities with the username when you registered. 

● One dollar Flash Sale Rules 


     Flash Sale code: The code the user got in random to get access to sale activities.

     Lucky Flash Sale code: The code worked out by certain rule when all codes are sold out. A user with the code will get the item.

2、We promise we will keep to the following rules always and ensure that each is equal in rights and obligations.  

     Equality: You and we are equal in trade process.

     Freedom: You will do your shopping of your own will without illegal intervention.

     Justice: You and we have to exercise both rights and obligations.

     Honesty-Credit Principle: You and we should exercise both rights and obligations by honesty-credit principle.

     Performing obligations: You and we have the obligation to keep continuing the deal according to the agreement when activities you involved is ongoing (within the bounds of law or the agreement).

3、You should know the risks that you could fail in flash sales. No matter you are the winner or not, the fund you contributed shall be used to help some people.

● Users' rights and obligations

     1、Users have right to do shopping with user name and password in One dollar Flash Sale but no rights to transfer or enpower to others in any way.

     2、Users have rights to inquire item information, release your experience, have discussions, invite or concern your friends, upload pictures, involve in activities and enjoy other message services within the bounds of law or the agreement at One dollar Flash Sale.

     3、Users have obligations to use and update your real information, like e-mail address, phone number, address, post code etc. timely on One dollar Flash Sale so that you can be gotten in touch.

     4、Users shall be honest when do sharing about experience.

     5、One dollar Flash Sale Offers the users with membership the ability to pay for purchases in Shop with Points at One dollar Flash Sale using reward points. The point rules are included in terms of the agreement. 

     6、Users have right of free speech and modify or delete their own published articles. However the following speech content is forbidden at One dollar Flash Sale. 

          1)Being against Constitution general principles or inciting to resist; breaking the Constitution or laws or the implementation of administrative regulations.

          2)Discrimination of race, gender, religion, region etc. 

          3)Making falsehoods or distorting the truth, spreading rumors, destroying the order of society.

          4)Spreading feudal superstition, obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terrorism and abetting a crime.

          5)Open insulting the other people or fabricating the fact to slander the other people, or carrying on other malicious attack the other people.

          6)Other activities of violating the Constitution and government regulations

     7、Users have to follow rules in discussion zone as well when share experience or discuss pictures. 

     8、No ads without our permission on One dollar Flash Sale website.

● One dollar Flash Sale's rights and obligations

     1、We have obligation to keep all trades on our platform in normal running and get further improvement in technology. 

     2、We have obligation to give users a prompt rely on the questions or feedbacks about trades or registration.  

     3、We have rights to delete related information or stop services without user's permission if any user does or did the following things on our website.

          1)We are entitled to check user's registration information or trade behavior. If there is any thing wrong with it, we have rights to inquiry the user or let the user correct or delete it.  

          2)Any user's behavior against the agreement, laws or regional regulations, we have rights to stop it or delete the message, or forbid the user voicing, or even write off the user's account and exposure it to the related department.

          3)We have rights to delete the message, forbid the user voicing, write off the account etc. if user do or did these misbehaviors: sending malicious or false message to infringe property; disturbing normal social order by sharing unrelated information in activities; malicious registration, sign-in, comment; uploading or spreading virus software or computer code; disturbing or destroying our website or any servers and sites; releasing any information to seriously jeopardize our or the others' benefits illegally.      

     4、Users have the rights to enjoy our services permanently and freely and to release, copy, revise, rewrite, translate your shopping information(at our One dollar Flash Sale) or about One dollar Flash Sale worldwide. 

     5、We have the rights to change shelved items' prices by following market price change without any notice to users ahead. 

     6、We have no responsibilities for the consequences brought about by 1 dollar Flash Sale. 

     7、We will refund you to your account if there is still one or more codes remained in 1dollar Flash Sale and you apply for a refund through Guest Service coordinator.

● Delivery and Fee.

     All items are delivered to you for free in global.

     Please make sure that all your personal information are correct. Any delay or cancellation is out of our responsibilities for the following reasons:  

     1、Wrong address or other personal information. 

     2、The consequence or fee caused by item delivered without anyone signing for. 

     3、Irresistible factors, like natural disasters, transportation, war outbreak.  

● Out-of-stock Rules

We are sorry about stockout for changeable supply or uncontrollable factors. If there is the item is out of stock, the trade won't be called off according to the agreement but inform you to exchange other one or ones at the same price instead. And a premium is alternative. 

We have presale registration services for upcoming products or services. Once they are on the market, we will do our best to deliver for you. ( presale registration is not a pre-trade).    

● limitations of responsibility

     1、Irresistible things always exist and may block the trade. We hope you can understand the disability of us if unforeseeable or insurmountable events happen, like natural disasters (flood, earthquake, great plague, storm etc.) and social incidents (war, turmoil, government actions etc.) etc., and we accept the disclaimer if you involved in likewise. We promise we will do our best at first time to reduce your loss when those things happen.

     2、For unpredictable or uncontrollable causes, it's not our responsibilities if the followings happen.

          (1)Attacks from trojans, virus, hacker.

          (2)Breakdowns from computer software, system, hardware, line of communication.

          (3)Improper operation

          (4)Operation at One dollar Flash Sale in non-authorized ways

          (5)Service interruption、data missing or other loses caused by government regulation.

          (6)Other out-of-control or predictable situations.

     3、The customer will be reimbursed for any loss or damage caused by our service with the maximum compensation not beyond the product or service price within the law.  

● Website service content ownership

Website service content refers to words, software, voice, picture, video, chart, ad, e-mail etc. All website service contents are protected by copyright, trademark, labels and other property ownership law. So, all contents belong to our website or advertiser. Users shall not copy, revise the content or create the relevant content without the permission. 

● User's privacy system

We won't offer, sell, rent, and share any user's personal information. 

     1、We get user's permission.

     2、Users are qualified complainants and need their personal information which are at our website for complaints. 

     3、We expose them to the third party or the related departments at the request of administrative department, judicial department etc.

     4、We expose them to the third party if users violate laws or website policies.

     5、We share them with the third party if your demanded service or product needs. 

     6、Other website needs by laws.