Authentic Guarantee

    All products on One dollar Flash Sale platform are directly supplied in supervision from official brand websites or its authorized distributors with legal authorization by the brands. If you think the item you bought is a fake and you can provide us with related documents from national testing institutes, once we confirmed it, we will give you money back and compensate you ten times of the item's value. In order to make sure you have fun in shopping, there are some tips for you. 

1、We ensure all items' genuineness at One dollar Flash Sale.

2、You can either exchange or maintain it in 15 days if the item you buy is with functional problem which is verified within our national Three Guarantees by the manufacturer's after-sale service center. However, if you return the item beyond 15 days and even though it is still in warranty period, you can't get an exchange but maintenance. Therefore, we'd like to suggest you directly contact the after-sale center for service for your sake. Also, you can contact the other nationwide brunches of the manufacturer's after-sale center according to the warranty card. 

3、We sincerely remind you that it's better for you to sign for the package in person and examine the item immediately. However, once you find the item is damaged in transit, do not sign the receipt and return the package to the delivery man, please.

4、Do not personally deal with the item if there is something wrong with it. Keep it in its original packaging and call to our One dollar Customer Service coordinator. And our coordinator will figure out a solution for you in 48 hours only if you keep the package without damage or missing. Otherwise,we cannot deal with any return.

    If you have questions about the result, you can have the item tested at local manufacturer's after-sale center and keep the formal report or testing document (in case the center cannot offer you the report). If the report affirms the item is of quality problem, you send the material and the intact packaging back to the seller for an exchange please. We will pursue the matter and the responsible party will pay for the relevant expense.

    We cannot ensure that all electronic products will be intact because of its craft specialty and the potential unsteadiness in warehousing and storage activities, but we assure you that all items are new and genuine with standard after-sale service guarantee. If you have any doubt about the item's quality, please provide the written assessment issued by the manufacturer or authority, we will handle it in accordance with our national related law. Besides, we will also reserve the right to investigate the responsibility according to laws if any fraudulent activity happens, and retain the ultimate explanation.