• Select one item and click “shop now”

  • Pay one dollar.

  • When a product reaches the total participation, Draw a winner

  • Each item is divided into certain portions according to its marketing price.
  • Each portion is one dollar with an unique Flash Sale code.You can buy a item many times or many portions of different items.
  • When all portions of an item are sold out, the system will work out a lucky code. The buyer who has the lucky code is the winner and get the item ultimately.

  • Collecting 100 deal's time records on our website before the deadline.
  • Turning the time records into 100 groups of numbers in ordinal order from hour, minute, second to millisecond.
  • The sum of all 100 groups of numbers divided by the expected participants is the remainder.Getting the lucky code from the plus of the remainder and 10,000,001.